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Why FitScreen

FitScreen will establish your current fitness and musculoskeletal baseline, help you to devise an exercise strategy as well as guide the progression of your program.

What is FitScreen

FitScreen begins with a thorough assessment by Abby Sims, a licensed physical therapist with vast experience evaluating and treating orthopedic, sports and dance injuries.

Head to Toe!

FitScreen includes a detailed orthopedic history interview as well as an assessment of posture, alignment, muscle strength & flexibility, joint health and balance.


FitScreen is by appointment, with flexible hours from 8 AM – 8 PM Monday – Friday & 9 AM – 2 PM Saturday.

Follow Up

The FitScreen report details the findings of the assessment and makes recommendations based on each client’s musculoskeletal profile. A 90-minute follow-up session presents an opportunity to review and explain the report.


Those with any musculoskeletal complaints who obtain a physician prescription for physical therapy may be able to receive partial reimbursement for services.



After completing an undergraduate degree with a concentration in Physical Education and pre-med coursework at Rutgers University, and a Masters of Science in Physical Therapy at Duke University, Abby owned and operated Sports Training Physical Therapy, PC (STPT), a multi-site independent PT practice affiliated with the Sports Training Institute (STI). While associated with STI, Abby provided consulting services to establish PT sites in New York, California and New Jersey. After the 1996 sale of STPT to HealthSouth, Abby continued on as Director of three Manhattan HealthSouth locations until becoming a founding partner at Recovery Physical Therapy (RPT) in 2000. She relinquished her Director’s position at RPT in April of 2011 to relocate to Seattle.

In addition to lecturing at many sports medicine conferences and working with weekend warriors of all ages, Abby had the pleasure of providing care to countless professional and collegiate athletes, celebrities, and political figures during her physical therapy career. At present, Abby and her husband, sportscaster Dave Sims, reside in Seattle, where Dave is in his eleventh season as the TV voice of the Seattle Mariners.

Abby’s blog at, appears on’s 2017 list of Top 50 Therapy Blogs. She also serves as the Injury Expert for CBS New York where, since 2010, her Injury Breakdown Blog examines injuries in professional sports. Abby has also blogged on health & fitness as well as sports injuries for Huffington Post, and Recovery Physical, where her blog earned a top blog mention by CIT Capital for 2015 and  top ten mention for physical therapy blogs in 2012 @ In a ranking of the Top 30 Healthcare Blogs for 2012, Top Masters in Healthcare also rated Abby’s blog in the top three in Physical Therapy.
Along with her husband, Dave Sims, Abby developed and founded the AthletiSense® Communication Essentials program. AthletiSense® is a life skills program focused on media training, incorporating image building and communication skills with an emphasis on pulling off The Artful Interview. Abby and Dave provided media coaching to top tier Division One athletes throughout the US for a number of years and continue to do so, though now on a limited and selective basis that includes working with the Duke University Men’s basketball program. Many AthletiSense® alums presently shine on camera in the NFL and NBA!

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Angels outfielder Cameron Maybin, sustained a Grade 1 right knee MCL sprain in a stolen base attempt on Tuesday. Also on Tuesday, Stephen Vogt, Brewers backup catcher, sprained his left MCL in a collision at the plate with Pirates pitcher Chad Kuhl. Kuhl remained in the game. The Grade of Vogt’s injury was not reported.

Some MCL Anatomy

A Medial Collateral Ligament, or MCL, is a ligament that

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John Lackey, right-handed starting pitcher for the World Champion Chicago Cubs, will be 39 years old in October. He is dealing with plantar fasciitis in his right foot, yet will start Tuesday’s game against the Braves after getting some extended All Star Break rest. Lackey was effective over six innings in his last start on July 5th before going on the 10-day DL the following day. This will be his first start since being activated.

The likelihood that ten days of rest will have resolved Lackey’s problem is not great. It becomes more about how

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What is something the Mets and Yankees have in common at the moment? The answer… a starting pitcher and second baseman on the DL with hamstring strains. Coincidently, even the timing was close.

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After Mets’ shortstop Asdrubal Cabrera reportedly injured a ligament in his left thumb on May 6th, he continued to play, though in a pinch-hitting capacity. He was said to be “testing” the thumb before succumbing to the DL 10 days later (retroactive to May 14th). He returned to the disabled list in mid June after aggravating the not yet healed thumb while batting right-handed. Reports conflicted on the specifics of the injury, with Cabrera noting that he had torn the ligament, while the Mets initially announced the MRI was clean, and more recently stated that the injury is joint and not ligament related. Cabrera will be eligible for re-activation tomorrow and is scheduled to resume playing in a rehab start.

Cabrera has a history toughing it out and playing hurt. Many times. And for a variety of ailments. Perhaps that even plays into his growing list of injuries. Between his two recent DL stints, Cabrera received a cortisone injection before resuming competition. And so it goes…

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When the Mets’ Matt Harvey left the game last Wednesday after 58 pitches over four innings, he complained of a tired arm. An MRI and CT scan led to the diagnosis of a stress injury in his right scapula (shoulder blade). Though some media reports assumed the injury to be a “broken bone”, noted that Harvey had sustained a “stress reaction”. They are not one and the same.

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Ankle sprains come in more than one variety and can involve more than just the ankle joint. The type of sprain depends on the position of the foot at the time of injury as well as the nature of the force involved. The greatest distinction is between the more typical sprain and the high ankle sprain, an entirely different injury.

The typical ankle sprain

The most common sprain,

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FitScreen consultations are conducted in downtown Seattle from April – October & selectively by appointment throughout the year.

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Visit us by appointment from 8 AM – 8 PM Monday – Friday


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