images-2With a pair of Grade 1 quad strains between them, the contributions expected of Derek Jeter and Alex Rodriguez are obviously lowered further and delayed longer.

One consideration that appears to have been left out of the equation in planning both players’ re-entry following this glitch is simply an issue of cause and effect.

It was an all out sprint that caused each of the strains; Jeter trying to beat out an infield grounder and A-Rod attempting to stretch a base hit into a double. Whether or not it was the first time either athlete had pushed his limit since his most recent injury (or surgery in A-Rod’s case) is something only they – and perhaps the Yankees’ medical team – know.  If so, it certainly wasn’t the best idea to wait until a game situation to do so. If not, well, their vulnerabilities are once again exposed.

Regardless, what should be kept in mind is that the rest and rehab required to completely heal and get back to playing shape keeps these guys from running altogether in the early phases of recovery. Consistent with that was WFAN’s Sweeny Murti’s weekend report that Jeter no longer has any symptoms, though had yet to run.  Refraining from the activity that caused the injury is a good thing. But, it is crucial to recognize that if these guys weren’t equipped to run full-out before these strains, they will be even less equipped to do so afterward. That will take time. So, if they do return before repeatedly pushing their limits over sustained periods in training, look for a different level of effort and/or a pattern of re-injury. I’m just sayin’…

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