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J.R. Smith and Thumb Fractures

Former NY Knick and current Cleveland Cavalier, J.R. Smith, is readying to come back from surgery for what was termed a “complex thumb fracture” sustained on December 20th when trying to swipe a ball from an opponent. Will he be on the court today, mentioned as a possibility, or might the team have to continue to find a way without him for a bit longer despite some other serious losses to injury? Not sure how Smith was listed as questionable for tonight’s game when it was just revealed that he had been listed as cleared to participate in full practice activities. If he’s out there, it isn’t likely that it will be for significant minutes, at least at the outset.

So what is a complex fracture?

David Wright’s Latest Injury. Shoulder Impingement?

34 year-old NY Mets third baseman David Wright has struggled these last few years, sidelined with a number of injuries and diagnoses. Wright’s latest ailment was reportedly diagnosed as a right shoulder impingement. However, accounts indicate that Wright is seeking a second opinion from orthopedists outside the Mets’ family. The result of this consult is not known as of this writing.

What is clear however, is that Wright is unlikely to be ready for opening day, may not be able to play every day when he does come back, and may have to consider a move to first to limit the need for him to throw longer distances with greater frequency. Wright is reportedly willing to do whatever is asked of him.

So what is impingement syndrome?

The Significance of Kevin Durant’s Hyperextended Knee

Kevin Durant reportedly suffered a hyperextended knee less than a minute into last night’s contest against the Wizards in D.C. and exited the court shortly thereafter. An MRI is scheduled. The injury occurred when Washington Center, Marcin Gortat made contact with Golden State’s Zaza Pachulia who then stumbled, landing on Durant’s left leg.

Though the MRI may not reveal any significant injury beyond a mild sprain, there is a range of diagnoses possible in this situation.

What is the significance of a hyperextended knee?

Understanding Eovaldi's injury double jeapardy

nathan_eovaldiStarting right-hander, Nathan Eovaldi, is scheduled to undergo surgery for both a torn ulnar collateral ligament and flexor tendon in his right elbow. At only 26 years old, this will be his second go-round with the Tommy John procedure to address a UCL tear, the first one having occurred while the pitcher was in high school.

The Wall Street Journal’s Jared Diamond, reported that Eovaldi’s flexor tendon was torn completely off the bone.

An understanding of the intimate relationship between the flexor tendon and the ulnar collateral ligament (UCL) at the elbow explains how these two injuries can occur in tandem.

Concussions: So Much More to Know Than Football & CTE

7295Though the media has been bombarding us with articles, news reports and even a film on concussions, the confounding thing is that so little of the information geared to the general public has served to really educate and inform. There is so much more to this story than football and chronic traumatic encephalopathy (CTE). For instance, how do you know if you’ve suffered a concussion? If you have, what should you expect? Where should you go to receive optimal care, and what should that entail? How scared should you be? Buckle up, take a deep breath and relax… there is a wealth of information to share.

Spinal Stenosis and David Wright

imagesThe Mets have cause for concern regarding third baseman David Wright’s recent diagnosis of spinal stenosis. Though Assistant GM, John Ricco, reportedly claimed “doctors aren’t that worried about it”, stenosis – which is a narrowing of the spinal canal housing the spinal cord and/or the exit points for the nerves (neural foramina) – isn’t something that just goes away.