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Cortisone: To Inject Or Not To Inject – That Is The Question

After Mets’ shortstop Asdrubal Cabrera reportedly injured a ligament in his left thumb on May 6th, he continued to play, though in a pinch-hitting capacity. He was said to be “testing” the thumb before succumbing to the DL 10 days later (retroactive to May 14th). He returned to the disabled list in mid June after aggravating the not yet healed thumb while batting right-handed. Reports conflicted on the specifics of the injury, with Cabrera noting that he had torn the ligament, while the Mets initially announced the MRI was clean, and more recently stated that the injury is joint and not ligament related. Cabrera will be eligible for re-activation tomorrow and is scheduled to resume playing in a rehab start.

Cabrera has a history toughing it out and playing hurt. Many times. And for a variety of ailments. Perhaps that even plays into his growing list of injuries. Between his two recent DL stints, Cabrera received a cortisone injection before resuming competition. And so it goes…

Matt Harvey’s Latest Nemesis: A Scapula Stress Injury

When the Mets’ Matt Harvey left the game last Wednesday after 58 pitches over four innings, he complained of a tired arm. An MRI and CT scan led to the diagnosis of a stress injury in his right scapula (shoulder blade). Though some media reports assumed the injury to be a “broken bone”, noted that Harvey had sustained a “stress reaction”. They are not one and the same.

MLB & Those Pesky Obliques

Those Pesky Obliques

On any given day there are a significant number of MLB players out with oblique strains. These injuries can keep a player on the DL for longer than expected. Here’s a little insight as to what these muscles do and why injury is so prevalent.

First a little background on the “core”