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Choosing The Right Personal Trainer

images-8Thinking about working with a personal trainer? You have reason to be selective when deciding whom to trust. Most trainers look fit, talk a good game and project confidence. Many also have a few letters after their name, representing certifications earned by passing an exam or two. Though that is commendable, avoid letting it sway you. Many also lack an important foundation of knowledge, the science that is vital to understanding the musculoskeletal system. Without this, how can a trainer make the right choices for you? How will your program meet your specific needs and progress safely? How will the money you invest in your workouts also arm you with the education that will allow you to work out independently with confidence?

A Safer Way To Weight Loss And Fitness

DP222Overuse and repetitive stress injuries result from placing more demand on the body than it can tolerate. These include such things as sprains (of ligaments), strains (of muscles and tendons) and stress fractures. Overuse injuries often occur when people begin or resume an exercise program, ramp a program up too quickly or exercise for too long (and fatigue sets in). Breakdown may also result if an exerciser focuses on perfecting a specific a skill, requiring a great deal of repetition. The outcome of using poor form with exercise or doing exercises that are, in and of themselves, unsafe is also likely to be overuse injury. Most of these practices appear to be routine on The Biggest Loser.

Exercises In Futility – Part Three: The Lower Body

images-5Parts three and four of the “Exercises in Futility” series will continue to address lower body exercises more likely to result in injury than benefit. Safe alternatives utilizing better and less stressful mechanics are offered in order to reduce the potential for injury. Dead lifts (#1) were reviewed in the prior post. Some of the other prime offenders targeting the lower body are:

2. Full Arc Leg Extensions

3. Deep Squats

4. Full Arc Back Extensions

5. Hurdlers Stretches

6. Hamstring Stretches with the Leg Propped Up too High

Injury Free Fitness

images-10With pitchers and catchers reporting to spring training this week it is time to think about how us mortals will approach our own return to warm weather sports or renew our commitment to fitness. As the days get longer and we peel off the layers of winter clothing, many of us typically get into trouble by falling back into old exercise routines or getting back onto the court or field as though the intervening months of inactivity never happened. For the dedicated fitness buffs who keep up their level of exercise year-round, the preparation is already in place. For the rest of us, well… let’s take an educated approach to avoid injury. Here are a few pointers:

Exercises In Futility – Part Five: The Core

images-7The menu of core strengthening exercises is extensive, though some exercises are more effective or safer than others. This piece will help define the best exercise progression for you and provide pointers as to how to advance your program.