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Explaining The Sprain

imagesA handful of NBA players (including Kobe Bryant who returned last night after missing five games) are currently out or listed as day-to-day with ankle injuries. Most are recovering from ankle sprains, a very common basketball injury at every level of the game. This piece explains the difference between “high” and “low” sprains, inversion and eversion injuries and the ramifications of all for rehab and return to competition.

Preventing Pregnancy Aches And Pains

imagesPregnancy is an adventure – a time to nurture oneself and begin nesting as well as a time of excitement and change. It is also an opportunity to indulge a little – hey you are going to gain weight anyway! But, pregnancy can also come hand in hand with a few unwelcome side effects. Here are a few tips to help you recognize and avoid some of the less desirable, but not uncommon, aspects of pregnancy.

Injury Free Fitness

images-10With pitchers and catchers reporting to spring training this week it is time to think about how us mortals will approach our own return to warm weather sports or renew our commitment to fitness. As the days get longer and we peel off the layers of winter clothing, many of us typically get into trouble by falling back into old exercise routines or getting back onto the court or field as though the intervening months of inactivity never happened. For the dedicated fitness buffs who keep up their level of exercise year-round, the preparation is already in place. For the rest of us, well… let’s take an educated approach to avoid injury. Here are a few pointers:

Exercises In Futility – Part Five: The Core

images-7The menu of core strengthening exercises is extensive, though some exercises are more effective or safer than others. This piece will help define the best exercise progression for you and provide pointers as to how to advance your program.

Exercises In Futility – Part One: The Upper Body

images-5A number of commonly performed exercises are more likely to result in injury than benefit. Some should be replaced by safe and effective alternatives, while others need only be modified in order utilize better and less stressful mechanics to reduce the potential for injury. This focus on “Exercises in Futility” is a five part series. Parts two through five focus on the lower body and core, while this piece addresses prime offenders that target the upper body.

Exercises In Futility Part Two – The Lower Body

images-12Parts two, three and four of the “Exercises in Futility” series addresses lower body exercises more likely to result in injury than benefit. Safe alternatives utilizing better and less stressful mechanics are offered in order to reduce the potential for injury. Here are a few of the prime offenders targeting the lower body that will be discussed:

Dead Lifts
Full Arc Leg Extensions
Deep Squats
Full Arc Back Extensions
Hurdlers Stretches
Hamstring Stretches with the Leg Propped Up too High