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Deron Williams, Ankle Sprains, PRP and Cortisone

imagesNets point guard Deron Williams, who is sitting out this week because of a recently re-sprained left ankle, reportedly received cortisone and PRP (platelet rich plasma) injections in both ankles. He is apparently in a walking boot to rest the more acute injury. This is not a new course of care for the oft-injured star, who evidently underwent three cortisone injections and PRP treatment for bilateral ankle issues last season as well.

Read on to learn about the pros and cons of PRP and cortisone.

Treadmill Desking: One Cure For “Sitting Disease”

photo-1Most of us do too much sitting – at work and at home – and even the vigorous exercise we do may not be enough to counteract an insufficient level of overall physical activity. The end result could be what is now termed “sitting disease”, which predisposes us to chronic illnesses such as high blood pressure and diabetes. Two other consequences of sitting all day – particularly if not attentive to posture and body mechanics – are neck or back pain. One trending solution is treadmill desking.

Treadmill desks are becoming a valuable commodity in corporate wellness programs, which generally tend to benefit healthy individuals even more than those in greatest need, such as the overweight or obese. Whether at individual workstations or in designated areas, the desks offer both populations a welcome alternative for activity and can boost employee morale, retention and productivity as well as general health. The workstations are also becoming popular for home use.

Though the concept may seem simple, there are some rules to follow when walking while working:

Nine Work Fixes To Improve Your Health

freedom-with-headrest_familFor many of us, there is no way around the fact that we spend too much time at our desks, and numerous studies have proven what seems obvious – it isn’t helping our overall health. We acknowledge we should compensate by walking more, eating right and embarking on – and sticking with – a fitness program. However, these strategies are only part of the solution.

If you are chained to a desk, there are several purchases you might want to consider to minimize risks to your general health as well as the stresses and strains from work-related overuse injuries. An integrated ergonomic workstation will bring the work to you instead of forcing you to contort to do the work. The theme? One size does not fit all…

Athletes’ Recovery From Injury – Are They Set Up To Fail? Part II

828-2-iline_defaultWhen reporters inform us how long an athlete is expected to be out of action from an injury, they are reporting what they’ve been told. No one should base a fantasy team or bet the under on these predictions. In contrast with how most of us have learned to set a low-end realistic bar on expectations in order to exceed them, pro teams generally set our expectations of their athletes’ recovery too high, positioning them for failure. I’ve no idea why.

Sliding Head First – At What Cost?

ian-kinsler-slideWhat do Ian Kinsler and Andrelton Simmons have in common? They are both suffering injuries recently sustained on head-first slides. Kinsler is the more banged up of the two, though both injuries and the consequences that follow were eminently preventable.

Studies have conflicted as to whether the head first slide even offers a speed advantage…