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APTA Releases List of Questionable Procedures

Apta_logoIn order to better inform health care consumers about the medical choices they confront, a number of specific recommendations have been highlighted in the media of late. A particular focus has been on the efficacy – or lack thereof – of routine screening for various conditions.

Today the APTA announced its own list of commonly employed but questionable procedures.

Direct Access All The Way Around!

Apta_logoToday, Indiana Governor, Mike Pence, signed HB 1034, granting direct access to evaluation and treatment by a physical therapist in Indiana. This is an important milestone for the APTA, with Indiana becoming the 50th state (plus Washington DC) that ensures a patient’s freedom of choice.

Parkinson’s Disease Awareness Month

Apta_logoApril is Parkinson’s Disease awareness Month and physical therapists are doing their part in working with those afflicted with a disease that affects so many, my father amongst them. Studies suggest that exercise that begins immediately after a Parkinson diagnosis can have a profound impact.