nba_g_odeng_576Joe Girardi was quoted today saying that Derek Jeter will be sitting out tonight and tomorrow because of lingering quad and calf issues. No surprise. And, until any strains are completely resolved, each time he runs full out, they will linger all over again. If only Jeter could hit a home run every time…

Greg Oden, who underwent three microfracture surgeries since fracturing his patella in December of 2009, is getting another shot. That is a long time to be on the shelf, especially in a career in which Oden, now 25 years old, was oft injured – he played in only 82 games during his four years with the Portland Trail Blazers. The Miami Heat, reportedly ready to close the deal on the seven-footer, isn’t likely to expect him to play big minutes, even once re-acclimated, though the word is that Oden is looking good. The issue probably isn’t whether he can contribute in a limited role but for how long. If expectations are low, the experiment probably won’t be deemed a failure regardless.

Glad to see that contact in NFL camps is being limited these days yet, even in spite of this, the number of teams suffering season altering injuries has been remarkable. So many are already lost for the entire 2013 campaign. A total of 31 players are currently listed as either physically unable to perform, on injured reserve or out indefinitely, while another 18 are questionable for the start of the regular season. Imagine if they were tackling every day… Follow Abby on Twitter @abcsims.

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