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Take Two: Andre Brown's Fibula Fracture Reality Check

Flickr-5091117525Andre Brown, New York Giant’s backup running back, was quoted saying that because the leg fracture he sustained in last night’s exhibition game is so small, he expects to be back on the field in two weeks. Don’t count on it. Six weeks is likely to be the minimum.

Brown – who missed his rookie season as a Giant in 2009 with a ruptured left Achilles – reportedly took a helmet to the leg this go-round, causing his second left fibula fracture in as many years. The fibula is the thin bone at the outer aspect of the lower leg, running from below the knee to the ankle. Though he may have been able to bear weight on the limb, even saying he could jog, a fracture still creates significant weakness in the bone and should get the time it needs to mend. Brown, who wants to remain on the active roster, is overestimating his ability to heal.

Why Did Rasheed Wallace Play On Monday?

rasheed38 year-old Rasheed Wallace faced reality today and opened up a spot on the Knicks’ roster by announcing his retirement. Though it was evidently hoped he would mend in time to contribute in the playoffs, it must have been obvious that it was not to be. Why then have him play for four minutes on Monday before leaving the court with soreness in his post-operative foot? Wasn’t Wallace’s condition evident in practice? Four minutes should not have tested him as much as drills and practice would have. Maybe someone wanted to prove a point.

Kobe Bryant’s Achilles Lowdown

kobeWith the focus on projecting the impact of 35 year-old Kobe Bryant’s ruptured left Achilles on the Lakers’ playoff prospects and his future in the sport, there hasn’t been much said about the implications of Bryant having played hurt. It is as though one injury had no bearing on the other. That is not likely the case.

Kobe sustained what was reportedly a “severe” left ankle sprain on March 13th and returned to the lineup after missing only several games.

Ryan Howard’s Road Back From Achilles Repair

ryan howardTo understand the process, let’s first look at the anatomy and the injury. The Achilles tendon is a fibrous band that attaches the calf muscles (gastrocnemius and soleus) to the calcaneus (heel bone). Both of these muscles act to point the foot downward (ankle plantar flexion). The gastroc, a two-headed muscle that comprises the bulk of the calf, originates above the knee at the posterior (rear) lower end of the femur; its activity is heightened when the knee is extended (straight). The soleus, a much smaller muscle, originates on the tibia of the lower leg, and is the prime mover when the knee is flexed (bent). The calf muscles, also known collectively as the triceps surae, are powerful muscles that propel us as we push off in walking, running and jumping and they enable us to walk on tiptoes.