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Stoudemire In For The Playoffs? Don’t Bet On It!

amar'eStoudemire was recently quoted as saying “I’ve got to continue to get stronger, got to get back on the court, start moving around at full speed…. And if I can handle that, then we go up a notch – that’s great. Then I’m looking (forward to) hopefully playing soon. We’ll see.

Does that sound like a man who thinks he’s ready to play? Even almost?

K-Marts Ankle Sprain – The Impact On The Knicks

kmartPlaying with an ankle sprain certainly limits balance as well as mobility: speed, ability to quickly change direction and to jump. Landings can be especially precarious and unstable. Swelling can inhibit strength and even with taping, a ligament injury, even a mild one with little tearing, can present with significant impairment for an athlete. Though it isn’t likely that Martin came down awkwardly on his left foot because of his left knee condition, if he comes back too quickly (and he is likely to), the left ankle issue could lead to further issues with the left knee. Altering mechanics to favor one injured area leads to obvious and undue stresses to other areas.

Tyson Chandler And The Knicks’ Aging Knees

chandlerOn Wednesday, Carmelo Anthony and Amar’e Stoudemire added Tyson Chandler to their knee support group. Three of the team’s highest paid players have knees that are not providing an adequate return on investment. Iman Shumpert is a 2012-13 alum who serves on the group’s advisory board, while Rasheed Wallace, sidelined because of his foot long before he succumbed to surgery, undoubtedly offers his guidance. The table is full, and the court is not.

Chandler, the latest to fall, was reported to have a contusion from a second quarter collision that sent him sprawling. Who knows if it is actually just a contusion or if there is also a mild sprain. The story is remarkably similar to that from last October, only this go-round, there won’t be an MRI, at least for now.

Breaking Down Stoudemire’s Knee Debridement

amar'eStoudemire’s surgery will reportedly be an arthroscopic debridement, which essentially involves washing out the involved joint (lavage) and then clearing it of loose fragments of bone, cartilage or other tissue debris that remains in the area. Bony surfaces may also be smoothed in the process. At one time debridement was considered to be a first line treatment option for many with osteoarthritis of the knee. Over time, because of questionable or unfavorable outcomes, it has lost favor, particularly for those with a loss of joint space due to severe arthritic changes.

Knicks Hurting Already?

images-2The New York Knicks, oldest team in the NBA this season, are also leading the league with seven players already nursing injuries. And yes, it is still week one.

38 year-old center/forward Marcus Camby hadn’t practiced for nearly four weeks until the start of this week; the remnants of a calf strain suffered at the start of training camp still getting in his way. With Thursday night’s game against the Nets postponed, will Camby be out there tonight? Not likely. If so, will he log significant minutes? Did one extra day of healing make that much difference? Despite any hype, don’t count on it.

Is Stoudemire’s Knee Reaching Its Expiration Date?

amar'eAmar’e Stoudemire, New York Knicks Center-Forward, may actually be fortunate to have suffered a ruptured popliteal cyst this week, though it will keep him out of action for at least two to three weeks. What is more worrisome than this new wrinkle is whether any of the knee diagnoses Stoudemire has dealt with in the past are more of an issue than the Knicks are aware of or are letting on. In addition, there is the bone contusion (bruise) Stoudemire reportedly sustained on October 10th.