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Low or High? The Vast Difference Between Ankle Sprains

Ankle sprains come in more than one variety and can involve more than just the ankle joint. The type of sprain depends on the position of the foot at the time of injury as well as the nature of the force involved. The greatest distinction is between the more typical sprain and the high ankle sprain, an entirely different injury.

The typical ankle sprain

The most common sprain,

Deron Williams, Ankle Sprains, PRP and Cortisone

imagesNets point guard Deron Williams, who is sitting out this week because of a recently re-sprained left ankle, reportedly received cortisone and PRP (platelet rich plasma) injections in both ankles. He is apparently in a walking boot to rest the more acute injury. This is not a new course of care for the oft-injured star, who evidently underwent three cortisone injections and PRP treatment for bilateral ankle issues last season as well.

Read on to learn about the pros and cons of PRP and cortisone.

Antrel Rolle: Only An Ankle?

imagesTom Coughlin was quoted as saying “Hopefully, it’s an ankle and he is coming right back,” in reference to Giants leading tackler Antrel Rolle, who was carted off the field today after sustaining an injury after going up for high pass and landing awkwardly. The safety reportedly had difficulty weight-bearing on his right foot and winced when trainers palpated the ankle, both signs that Rolle isn’t a sure bet to bounce “right back”.

The MRI will reveal whether the player suffered a fracture as well as provide more information as to the location and severity of the ligament(s) sprained. Coughlin would be wise to recognize that the consequences of even an isolated sprain should not be minimized.

K-Marts Ankle Sprain – The Impact On The Knicks

kmartPlaying with an ankle sprain certainly limits balance as well as mobility: speed, ability to quickly change direction and to jump. Landings can be especially precarious and unstable. Swelling can inhibit strength and even with taping, a ligament injury, even a mild one with little tearing, can present with significant impairment for an athlete. Though it isn’t likely that Martin came down awkwardly on his left foot because of his left knee condition, if he comes back too quickly (and he is likely to), the left ankle issue could lead to further issues with the left knee. Altering mechanics to favor one injured area leads to obvious and undue stresses to other areas.

Johan Santana’s Denials: I’m Not Buying It

johan santanaWhen New York Mets lefty Johan Santana was placed on the DL on Saturday, his previously sprained ankle was reported to be the culprit. Santana sustained the right ankle injury while covering first base on July 6 and, though he has pitched three times since, he has not been effective. In fact, since throwing 134 pitches in the Mets’ first ever no-hitter seven weeks ago, even in the period prior to his sprain, Santana’s effectiveness had waned and his ERA climbed. Santana has consistently denied any problems with his shoulder, with the exception of now reporting shoulder fatigue due to his altered mechanics because of the ankle issue.