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Carmelo Anthony: Shouldering On

imagesMelo hurt his shoulder on April 14 and exacerbated it in the first round against Boston. Naturally though, at the time — and with the Indiana series ahead — Anthony said only that “(I)t really just kind of popped in and out a little bit, but I’m fine.”

Anthony’s comment was more revealing than he may have intended for it to be. The implications are that he experienced either a shoulder subluxation or dislocation that reduced (went back in place) without assistance.

Why Did Rasheed Wallace Play On Monday?

rasheed38 year-old Rasheed Wallace faced reality today and opened up a spot on the Knicks’ roster by announcing his retirement. Though it was evidently hoped he would mend in time to contribute in the playoffs, it must have been obvious that it was not to be. Why then have him play for four minutes on Monday before leaving the court with soreness in his post-operative foot? Wasn’t Wallace’s condition evident in practice? Four minutes should not have tested him as much as drills and practice would have. Maybe someone wanted to prove a point.

K-Marts Ankle Sprain – The Impact On The Knicks

kmartPlaying with an ankle sprain certainly limits balance as well as mobility: speed, ability to quickly change direction and to jump. Landings can be especially precarious and unstable. Swelling can inhibit strength and even with taping, a ligament injury, even a mild one with little tearing, can present with significant impairment for an athlete. Though it isn’t likely that Martin came down awkwardly on his left foot because of his left knee condition, if he comes back too quickly (and he is likely to), the left ankle issue could lead to further issues with the left knee. Altering mechanics to favor one injured area leads to obvious and undue stresses to other areas.

To Play Or Not To Play? That Is The Question…

jeterJeter admitted that he probably should not have played last season after sustaining an ankle contusion in mid-September. It was only one month after the initial insult to his ankle, in the first game of the ALCS, that Jeter’s ankle fractured, requiring surgery.

Only a few days ago, Mark Texeira noted that he would not return to the lineup until his wrist was 100%. He hedged his bets saying he may require surgery if his tendon sheath does not heal sufficiently to allow his extensor carpi ulnaris tendon (ECU) to remain stable (and therefore avoid wear and tear). The two weeks initially predicted for Texeira’s return to the lineup was predictably amended almost immediately to eight-ten weeks and then now, well, who knows?

This more cautious attitude comes after Texeira admitted that he also came back too fast after last season’s injury.

Tyson Chandler And The Knicks’ Aging Knees

chandlerOn Wednesday, Carmelo Anthony and Amar’e Stoudemire added Tyson Chandler to their knee support group. Three of the team’s highest paid players have knees that are not providing an adequate return on investment. Iman Shumpert is a 2012-13 alum who serves on the group’s advisory board, while Rasheed Wallace, sidelined because of his foot long before he succumbed to surgery, undoubtedly offers his guidance. The table is full, and the court is not.

Chandler, the latest to fall, was reported to have a contusion from a second quarter collision that sent him sprawling. Who knows if it is actually just a contusion or if there is also a mild sprain. The story is remarkably similar to that from last October, only this go-round, there won’t be an MRI, at least for now.

Breaking Down Stoudemire’s Knee Debridement

amar'eStoudemire’s surgery will reportedly be an arthroscopic debridement, which essentially involves washing out the involved joint (lavage) and then clearing it of loose fragments of bone, cartilage or other tissue debris that remains in the area. Bony surfaces may also be smoothed in the process. At one time debridement was considered to be a first line treatment option for many with osteoarthritis of the knee. Over time, because of questionable or unfavorable outcomes, it has lost favor, particularly for those with a loss of joint space due to severe arthritic changes.