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Degenerative Articular Cartilage – Explaining Sabathia’s Updated Diagnosis

imgresUPDATE 5-20-14: CC Sabathia, on the DL with what had been diagnosed as inflammation in his right knee, now has a real diagnosis and it is degenerative changes to the articular cartilage. Though media reports did not disclose the degree of wearing of the cartilage, a factor that is crucial to understanding the pitcher’s condition, the treatments he is receiving inform us as to the severity.

SInce this post went up, Sabathia received a cortisone injection and treatment with stem cells. He is now on crutches to avoid bearing weight through the knee and will reportedly be out at least until July. Even that seems optimistic and the outcome remains uncertain.

Read more to learn about Sabathia’s diagnosis and treatment options.

Groin Strains Continue To Make Pitchers Groan

sabathiaSome of these pitchers suffered the injury in a manner typical of position players – either in a routine defensive play (Pryor) or on offense (Ogando) – while the majority did so due to the demands of pitching. Some of the latter injuries were to the groin on the side of the pitching arm, while others were to the opposite/glove side.

Along with other muscles of the core/hip, the adductors play a vital role in transferring power to a pitcher’s upper body. Their primary functions are to stabilize the lower extremity and pelvis when the foot is on the ground and, with the limb in motion, to draw the thigh toward midline.