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Heel Contusion Sidelines Victor Cruz

imagesWith a little less than three weeks until the Giants open their season, look for Cruz to still experience discomfort when they do, even if he rehabs and rests until then. Given the nature of the player and the game, he may very well play regardless. Should that be the case, and if significant symptoms persist, recovery will be prolonged and the wide receiver will be at greater risk for additional issues such as a stress reaction or stress fracture. That was the scenario played out when Derek Jeter suffered a fracture after returning to the lineup before his ankle contusion had healed.

Jeter, Oden And The NFL

nba_g_odeng_576Greg Oden, who underwent three microfracture surgeries since fracturing his patella in December of 2009, is getting another shot. That is a long time to be on the shelf, especially in a career in which Oden, now 25 years-old, was oft injured – he played in only 82 games during his four years with the Portland Trail Blazers. The Miami Heat, reportedly ready to close the deal on the seven-footer, isn’t likely to expect him to play big minutes, even once re-acclimated, though the word is that Oden is looking good. The issue probably isn’t whether he can contribute in a limited role but for how long. If expectations are low, the experiment probably won’t be deemed a failure regardless.

A-Rod’s & Jeter’s Quad Strains – What’s In Store

images-2With a pair of Grade 1 quad strains between them, the contributions expected of Derek Jeter and Alex Rodriguez are obviously lowered further and delayed longer.

One consideration that appears to have been left out of the equation in planning both players’ re-entry following this glitch is simply an issue of cause and effect.

Quad Strain Lands Jeter On The DL

imagesWhen a player is cleared to play only as a DH it is a sign that there is some reservation about his overall level of function. It is clearly a way to reintroduce, yet limit demand. However, “busting it” on the base path – though it doesn’t challenge lateral mobility and all the other skills playing shortstop would – is demanding. Only a home run bestows absolution.

Derek Jeter's "New" Ankle Fracture – May Not Be So New

Derek JeterThe news that Derek Jeter will not return to the Yankees’ lineup before the All Star Break because of a new small fracture in the region of his prior break came as a surprise to many. However, each time Jeter seemed to move forward in his rehab and baseball related activities, his progress was neutralized by then taking a few steps back. Something was getting in Jeter’s way and it was more than a “cranky ankle”, No matter the optimism of the media reports, now we know what it was.

Kobe Bryant’s Achilles Lowdown

kobeWith the focus on projecting the impact of 35 year-old Kobe Bryant’s ruptured left Achilles on the Lakers’ playoff prospects and his future in the sport, there hasn’t been much said about the implications of Bryant having played hurt. It is as though one injury had no bearing on the other. That is not likely the case.

Kobe sustained what was reportedly a “severe” left ankle sprain on March 13th and returned to the lineup after missing only several games.