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To Play Or Not To Play? That Is The Question…

jeterJeter admitted that he probably should not have played last season after sustaining an ankle contusion in mid-September. It was only one month after the initial insult to his ankle, in the first game of the ALCS, that Jeter’s ankle fractured, requiring surgery.

Only a few days ago, Mark Texeira noted that he would not return to the lineup until his wrist was 100%. He hedged his bets saying he may require surgery if his tendon sheath does not heal sufficiently to allow his extensor carpi ulnaris tendon (ECU) to remain stable (and therefore avoid wear and tear). The two weeks initially predicted for Texeira’s return to the lineup was predictably amended almost immediately to eight-ten weeks and then now, well, who knows?

This more cautious attitude comes after Texeira admitted that he also came back too fast after last season’s injury.

Derek Jeter’s Compensatory Injury

images-15Jeter, as anyone who follows the Yankees knows, is not the complaining type and if he can be out there contributing, hurt or not, that is where you’ll find him. Even hampered by injury he was performing at a higher level than many of his teammates this post-season. He took a calculated risk and he lost. So did the Yankees and their fans.

A Look At Jeter’s Calf Strain

jeterDerek Jeter, beloved Yankees captain, is officially on the DL after an MRI of his right calf reportedly revealed a Grade I strain. Jeter removed himself from the game after limping off the field in the fifth inning on Monday. There is never a good time for an injury, and Jeter, just 6 hits shy of the 3,000 milestone, had not had an injury serious enough to put him on the Dl since dislocating his left shoulder in 2003. Strains can be nagging injuries that create ongoing vulnerability, but with proper precaution and the mildest grade of strain, hopefully Jeter will be back in the lineup when this stint on the DL is up.