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Tanaka's Elbow: An Uncertain Outcome

searchMasahiro Tanaka, now on the DL with a diagnosis of a partial ulnar collateral ligament (UCL) tear in his right elbow, got a consensus of opinion as to a plan of care when he was saw three specialists on Thursday. The good news was that they agreed on managing the injury conservatively rather than jumping right to surgery. That is clearly an indication that the tear is relatively small. However, it seems, as it generally does, that though the course of treatment may be conservative, the estimate for the player’s possible return to action is anything but.

UCL Rehab Can’t Be Rushed: Listen Up Matt Harvey!

Flickr-8006476237Healing takes time and the body can’t be rushed. Feeling good without the demands of an activity likely to offend is not a predictor of ultimate success. Not even a little. Though his musculature can be coaxed back to full capacity, Harvey’s new ligament isn’t likely to be at full strength until October. Rushing through a throwing program and pitching too often, at high velocities and at full capacity won’t hasten his recovery but will prove to stress his new UCL beyond its capacity. Unless he’d like to face a revision surgery down the road – perhaps sooner than later – Harvey would be wise to take direction from his medical team without a fight.

Dr. James Andrews Explains The Tommny John Epidemic

Flickr-8006476237Dr. James Andrews, the renowned orthopaedic surgeon who founded Birmingham, Alabama’s American Sports Medicine Institute (ASMI), is one of the go-to guys for baseball players throughout the country when they suffer from shoulder or elbow issues. Last week Dr. Andrews published a position statement to explain the current “epidemic” of pitchers’ ulnar collateral ligament (UCL) injures and the resultant Tommy John surgeries.

The Tommy John procedure entails the reconstruction of the elbow’s UCL – which is the ligament that stabilizes the inner aspect of the joint.

Andrews details the risk factors that predispose adolescent pitchers to UCL wear and tear. The primary concern is…

An Epidemic of Tommy John Procedures in MLB

elbow-anatomy1Many have taken note of the epidemic of Tommy John surgeries in baseball of late, and the reason for it is both straightforward and enigmatic. Straightforward because an elbow wasn’t designed to pitch, especially repetitively and with such velocity. Many are destined to break down. A bit of a mystery still because it does seem like more athletes face this surgery than in the past. Why is that?

Bradford And The AC Joint

OklahomaSooners-SamBradford_(cropped_1)Sam Bradford, 2008 Heisman winner and Oklahoma Sooner star quarterback, was virtually a sure thing to be the number one pick in this year’s NFL draft – At least that was the prevailing opinion until he sprained his right AC joint in September’s home opener. Optimism reigned when Bradford missed only three games, until he fell hard, re-injuring the same area, on the first play of the team’s second possession against Texas only six weeks later. Hopes for Bradford’s senior season came to a screeching halt with reconstructive surgery, performed by Dr. James Andrews on October 28th.

What is the difference between the AC joint and the shoulder joint?