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Ryan Howard’s Road Back From Achilles Repair

ryan howardTo understand the process, let’s first look at the anatomy and the injury. The Achilles tendon is a fibrous band that attaches the calf muscles (gastrocnemius and soleus) to the calcaneus (heel bone). Both of these muscles act to point the foot downward (ankle plantar flexion). The gastroc, a two-headed muscle that comprises the bulk of the calf, originates above the knee at the posterior (rear) lower end of the femur; its activity is heightened when the knee is extended (straight). The soleus, a much smaller muscle, originates on the tibia of the lower leg, and is the prime mover when the knee is flexed (bent). The calf muscles, also known collectively as the triceps surae, are powerful muscles that propel us as we push off in walking, running and jumping and they enable us to walk on tiptoes.

Joba Chamberlain’s Subtalar Joint

jobaJoba Chamberlain of the Yankees addressed the media last Tuesday to discuss the injury he sustained the week prior while playing with his son on a trampoline in a recreation center. Though Chamberlain has said he will return to the mound before the close of the 2012 season, no one is counting on it. The 26 year-old right-hander, who was already fighting his way back from Tommy John surgery, will have a different kind of summer.

The majority of reports of the injury have said that Chamberlain had an open dislocation of his subtalar joint, which is NOT synonymous with the ankle.

Analyzing Achilles Injuries

images-8Tendons attach muscles to bones. The Achilles is thicker and more fibrous than most tendons and it connects the calf muscles (the bulky Gastroc in the upper calf and the smaller Soleus closer to the ankle) to the heel bone (calcaneus). The Achilles tendon and calf muscles are put on stretch when the ankle is flexed up and it is shortened when the toes are pointed. A tight Achilles or one that is overstretched can predispose to rupture.

Ahmad Bradshaw’s Troubled Feet

Ahmad+Bradshaw+New+York+Giants+v+Philadelphia+83cv-FzK1xLxGiants fourth-year running back, Ahmad Bradshaw, underwent three surgeries last January – one to remove spurs from his right ankle, and one on each foot to repair fractures of both his right and left fifth metatarsals with the insertion of a screw. Bradshaw’s first post-op running session was in April and until yesterday, when he reportedly ran in both practices, his immediate football future was questionable. All accounts I’ve read since then have been enthusiastic. A piece in the NY Post stated that Bradshaw was running well and will likely return kickoffs and punts once the season begins. However, though I hate to be the spoiler, I can only remain guardedly optimistic.

Which of Bradshaw’s surgeries was the bigger deal?