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Getting A Handle On Hamstrings

Screen-Shot-2012-02-08-at-8.59.48-PMIt came as no surprise to me that Darrelle Revis exited yesterday’s game against the Patriots early in the second quarter having aggravated his left hamstring. Revis played limited time in last Thursday’s practice and was listed as probable for Sunday, though reports had him moving well. Evidently Revis and the team’s medical staff felt his hamstring wouldn’t limit his range, and he was cleared to start. This is a cautionary tale however – hamstring injuries just don’t resolve in a matter of days, especially so when an athlete is required to jump, leap, run and cut with abandon.

What are the hamstrings and what do they do?


picture21What are the hamstrings and what do they do?

The hamstrings are a group of muscles in the back of the thigh that run from the boney prominence at the bottom of the pelvis (the sit bone, or ischial tuberosity) to just below the knee. Two of the three hamstring muscles attach at the inner (medial) tibia and the third (which has two sections, or heads) has multiple attachments, primarily into the outer (lateral) side just below the knee at the fibular head, but also into muscle and ligaments of the outer compartment.

The hamstrings act to bend (flex) the knee and also work to extend the hip (bringing the thigh behind the plane of the hip). However, they do not act as primary movers to do both of these motions simultaneously.

Studies have shown that the hamstrings also act during the last degrees of knee extension (straightening).