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Jeter, Oden And The NFL

nba_g_odeng_576Greg Oden, who underwent three microfracture surgeries since fracturing his patella in December of 2009, is getting another shot. That is a long time to be on the shelf, especially in a career in which Oden, now 25 years-old, was oft injured – he played in only 82 games during his four years with the Portland Trail Blazers. The Miami Heat, reportedly ready to close the deal on the seven-footer, isn’t likely to expect him to play big minutes, even once re-acclimated, though the word is that Oden is looking good. The issue probably isn’t whether he can contribute in a limited role but for how long. If expectations are low, the experiment probably won’t be deemed a failure regardless.

Teixeira Update – The Good News And Bad

images-3The good news after Mark Teixeira’s MRI this morning is that there isn’t a tendon or tendon sheath tear in his right wrist. The best-case-scenario bad news is that there is inflammation.

Teixeira reportedly received a cortisone injection and, though there are evidently no plans to relegate him to the DL, it would not be a shock if that’s where he winds up.

It is important to realize that the injection will reduce Teixeira’s inflammation but will not resolve the cause. His wrist is clearly vulnerable and, even if his pain quickly resolves while at rest, picking up the bat too soon will set off a problem that could become recurrent or chronic.

Ulnar Fractures in Major League Baseball

grandersonWith injuries currently reported for 125 MLB players, a number of teams are already forced to rethink their opening lineups. The aging Yankees, contribute nine to the list, most in the majors. The Seattle Mariners is the only team that has not reported an injury to date. 69 of those not able to participate fully in spring training are pitchers, while another pitcher, Bartolo Colon is finishing out a 50-game suspension and will return on April 6. Some of the less acutely injured are expected to be in action by opening day, though, as is typical of recovery prognostications, optimism reigns, so don’t hold your breath.

The hot injury of the young spring training season appears to be ulnar fractures. First it was Curtis Granderson, who throws right-handed but bats left, and was hit on the right forearm on February 24th by the first pitch he faced in a spring training game.

Derek Jeter’s Compensatory Injury

images-15Jeter, as anyone who follows the Yankees knows, is not the complaining type and if he can be out there contributing, hurt or not, that is where you’ll find him. Even hampered by injury he was performing at a higher level than many of his teammates this post-season. He took a calculated risk and he lost. So did the Yankees and their fans.

Joba Chamberlain And The Flexor Tendon

images-15A tendon is the extension of a muscle, attaching it to the bone. In looking at many reports of Joba’s injury, I could find no mention of the specific tendon involved. However, a NY Times report stated that Chamberlain’s soreness is in the forearm, near the inside of the elbow. This is commonly referred to as medial epicondylitis, or golfer’s elbow. Most involved in this diagnosis are the wrist flexors and the pronator teres muscle.