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Victor Cruz Ruptures Patellar Tendon – The Implications

images-2Victor Cruz, a key NY Giants receiver, knew he’d suffered a significant injury before he’d even landed from a leaping attempt to catch a fourth-and-six pass down 20-0 to the Eagles in the fourth quarter on Sunday night. The diagnosis, a ruptured patellar tendon, more than ends Cruz’s season, it puts his career in jeopardy.

Degenerative Articular Cartilage – Explaining Sabathia’s Updated Diagnosis

imgresUPDATE 5-20-14: CC Sabathia, on the DL with what had been diagnosed as inflammation in his right knee, now has a real diagnosis and it is degenerative changes to the articular cartilage. Though media reports did not disclose the degree of wearing of the cartilage, a factor that is crucial to understanding the pitcher’s condition, the treatments he is receiving inform us as to the severity.

SInce this post went up, Sabathia received a cortisone injection and treatment with stem cells. He is now on crutches to avoid bearing weight through the knee and will reportedly be out at least until July. Even that seems optimistic and the outcome remains uncertain.

Read more to learn about Sabathia’s diagnosis and treatment options.

Bryce Harper – Playing Hurt All Season Long

imagesBryce Harper, the Washington Nationals outfielder – who bats lefty and throws righty – is a young stud. And hopefully that won’t get in the way of his having a long, productive and potential-reaching career.

Now, with less than a month left in the regular season, we learn Harper supposedly has had hip pain since crashing into the outfield wall on April 29th.

Stoudemire In For The Playoffs? Don’t Bet On It!

amar'eStoudemire was recently quoted as saying “I’ve got to continue to get stronger, got to get back on the court, start moving around at full speed…. And if I can handle that, then we go up a notch – that’s great. Then I’m looking (forward to) hopefully playing soon. We’ll see.

Does that sound like a man who thinks he’s ready to play? Even almost?

What Now For Scott Sizemore After Repeat ACL Tear?

ScottSizemoreScott Sizemore, Oakland A’s third baseman, will be sitting out a second consecutive season because of impending left ACL (anterior cruciate ligament) surgery. After complaining of stiffness in his knee last night, it was determined that Sizemore had re-torn the ACL he’d first injured last spring. After an arduous rehab that was reportedly uneventful and free of setbacks, he will have to do it all over. Again.