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Matt Harvey’s Partial Tear: Surgery Now Or Chance It?

imagesIf Matt Harvey were an everyday guy pitching in a Central Park League and he opted to try conservative management after partially tearing his ulnar collateral ligament (UCL), we wouldn’t give it a second thought.

With an uncertain outcome either way – and greater overall risks with surgery – what would he have to lose? It wouldn’t be as though his livelihood depended on the result. And, after all, if rehab alone didn’t wind up being the answer, surgery could be done later than sooner. The primary downside would be time spent or, depending on how you look at it, time lost.

My point exactly. It also appears to be a point made by Mets’ management, though the choice has rightly been left to the All Star.

Athletes’ Recovery From Injury – Are They Set Up To Fail? Part I

imagesAn athlete back in competition who is loading the tissues at 100% of the normal demand – but whose tendons exhibit significantly less than normal tensile strength – will likely suffer breakdown due to overuse (see Kobe Bryant). Now you can see why hamstring strains and oblique injuries can be so pesky and recurrent.

Teixeira Update – The Good News And Bad

images-3The good news after Mark Teixeira’s MRI this morning is that there isn’t a tendon or tendon sheath tear in his right wrist. The best-case-scenario bad news is that there is inflammation.

Teixeira reportedly received a cortisone injection and, though there are evidently no plans to relegate him to the DL, it would not be a shock if that’s where he winds up.

It is important to realize that the injection will reduce Teixeira’s inflammation but will not resolve the cause. His wrist is clearly vulnerable and, even if his pain quickly resolves while at rest, picking up the bat too soon will set off a problem that could become recurrent or chronic.

Is Mark Teixeira Out Of Options?

Mark-Teixeira2f he didn’t make his living hitting baseballs, waiting to see the outcome of rehab alone would likely have been the best option for Teixeira. However, it was my feeling from the outset that, because he risked ultimately requiring surgery, getting it over with was the better choice. This would have increased the chances of recovery in time to be an impact player for the second half of this season. Yes, there are risks inherent with any surgery, but the scenario that is playing out only prolongs the process.

Mark Teixeira: No Slam Dunk To Return In 8-10 Weeks

196px-Mark_Teixeira_basepaths_2011So, as expected, the two weeks initially projected for Mark Teixeira to rest and rehab his wrist injury has morphed into a likely eight to ten-week recovery period; That is certainly more realistic and still no slam-dunk. The strain was identified as being to Teixeira’s ECU, or extensor carpi ulnaris tendon. Brian Cashman was quoted as saying that “treatment is four weeks of no activity and then four to six weeks of getting him going, which is dry swings and eventually the tee, and then toss and then batting practice and spring training.

Two Weeks Sounds Optimistic For Teixeira’s Wrist Injury

teixeira2Mark Teixeira, who will be 33 next month, reportedly sustained a right wrist strain during batting practice before a World Baseball Classic exhibition game on Tuesday. Though it was said he would likely miss two weeks of action, Teixeira will undergo an additional workup in New York after which the precise diagnosis and course of action will be determined.

The term strain implies a stress injury to either a muscle or tendon that entails a stretch beyond the capacity of the tissue. The trauma sustained can range from mild (grade 1) to severe (grade 3).