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Stress Reactions Versus Stress Fractures

rasheedExcessive and repetitive loading on weight-bearing bones can cause what some term “fatigue damage”. The milder stress reaction results in bony abnormalities that are evident with diagnostic testing (MRI, bone scans or less likely x-ray) but does not entail disruption of the cortex, the outer shell. In contrast, stress fractures progress from stage 1 to stage 3, and in each the degree of cortical cracking becomes more extensive leading ultimately to failure. Simple x-rays often do not reveal evidence of stress injuries until healing is well underway and the calcification “lights up” the area.

Knicks Hurting Already?

images-2The New York Knicks, oldest team in the NBA this season, are also leading the league with seven players already nursing injuries. And yes, it is still week one.

38 year-old center/forward Marcus Camby hadn’t practiced for nearly four weeks until the start of this week; the remnants of a calf strain suffered at the start of training camp still getting in his way. With Thursday night’s game against the Nets postponed, will Camby be out there tonight? Not likely. If so, will he log significant minutes? Did one extra day of healing make that much difference? Despite any hype, don’t count on it.

Is Stoudemire’s Knee Reaching Its Expiration Date?

amar'eAmar’e Stoudemire, New York Knicks Center-Forward, may actually be fortunate to have suffered a ruptured popliteal cyst this week, though it will keep him out of action for at least two to three weeks. What is more worrisome than this new wrinkle is whether any of the knee diagnoses Stoudemire has dealt with in the past are more of an issue than the Knicks are aware of or are letting on. In addition, there is the bone contusion (bruise) Stoudemire reportedly sustained on October 10th.