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Jon Niese's Shoulder Woes

images-1Niese’s numbers this season may be evidence that something is holding him back. His command is not as sharp as it had been, resulting in more walks and fewer strikeouts. Now – even before the midpoint of the season – he is out for the second time due to the left shoulder. The diagnosis may not turn out to pinpoint significant pathology, but that doesn’t mean it should be taken lightly.

Young Pitchers – Old Story

michael-pineda-campThough he also had some elbow issues early in his minor league career, missing much of the 2009 season due to a reported strain, Pineda recovered fully, becoming a top minor league prospect for the Mariners. He was stellar leading up to the All Star break in his rookie campaign with Seattle and the Yankees had high hopes for him. Despite this tortuous start to his career in New York, I think that Pineda will come through. He’s young, very talented and has matured while learning a few lessons the hard way. The Yankees have not rushed Pineda’s return this time around and, if he stays healthy, is a good bet to return to the form of his rookie season.

More Quad Strain Pain For Ruben Tejada

images-1At least for now, the Mets’ slumping Ruben Tejada avoided a trip to Triple A via a detour to the DL courtesy of a right quad strain. It is the same quad that caused him to miss a good deal of time last season, though the player commented that he believes this one is much less severe. He’d better hope so.

Quad strains are most likely to occur in athletics because of the intensity of sudden and forceful eccentric contractions of the muscle rather than because of excessive stretch. However…

Shaun Marcum’s Impingement Syndrome

shaunmarcumThe word impingement tells you much of what you need to know – structures are being compressed or pinched. Pain occurs in the upper joint, especially when the arm is elevated and rotated inwardly. Overhead athletes are prime targets. A rotator cuff tendon and a bursa are impinged in the narrow space formed by the acromion (a portion of bone that appears like a hood over the shoulder), a prominence on the head of the humerus (the bone of the upper arm) and the ligament that connects the clavicle (collar bone) to the shoulder blade at the acromion.

Chronic impingement can lead to wear and tear of the rotator cuff tendons that pass through this (subacromial) space – not a great scenario. If rotator cuff tendons become inflamed, swelling will further compromise the joint space, creating more impingement. Degenerative rotator cuff tears can result in complete rupture and are often associated with biceps tendon rupture as well.

A Closer Look At David Wright’s Condition

davidwrightIt appears from the way he pointed to the problematic area in this video that the right-handed third baseman’s complaints refer to his right side, and reports are that the issue is in Wright’s back rather than his chest.

Apart from those due to trauma, rib or intercostal muscle injuries (the muscles between the ribs) might be set off by a condition that results in a persistent or intense cough, an aggressive throw or even from repetitive use in the presence of underlying pathology.

Like other muscles, the intercostals can suffer strains and the ribs themselves can fracture or exhibit stress reactions – a fatigue response that is a precursor to fracture if not rested and rehabbed.

Johan Santana’s Denials: I’m Not Buying It

johan santanaWhen New York Mets lefty Johan Santana was placed on the DL on Saturday, his previously sprained ankle was reported to be the culprit. Santana sustained the right ankle injury while covering first base on July 6 and, though he has pitched three times since, he has not been effective. In fact, since throwing 134 pitches in the Mets’ first ever no-hitter seven weeks ago, even in the period prior to his sprain, Santana’s effectiveness had waned and his ERA climbed. Santana has consistently denied any problems with his shoulder, with the exception of now reporting shoulder fatigue due to his altered mechanics because of the ankle issue.