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Dillon Gee’s Blood Clot – Memories of J.R. Richard

dillon geeNew York Mets’ 26-year-old right-hander, Dillon Gee, had surgery this week to break up a blood clot in his pitching shoulder. The clot was discovered with testing on Monday after Gee complained of numbness in his fingers on Sunday, one day after a winning performance against the Cubs. The clot, referred to as a thrombus in medical terminology, was broken up using a catheter, but it has been reported that Gee will undergo a more involved procedure tomorrow to repair damage to the involved artery in order to prevent recurrence. It is likely he will miss the remainder of the season.

Examining The SC Joint of Heroic Mike Baxter

mike baxterWe’ve already heard that The Mets’ Mike Baxter paid a price for saving Johan Santana’s no hitter on Saturday. The Associated Press reported the Mets as saying Baxter displaced the sternoclavicular (SC) joint – between his right clavicle (collarbone) and sternum (breastbone) – and tore costal (rib) cartilage (which attach the ribs to the sternum) on his right side. The impact against the padded outfield wall was actually to Baxter’s left shoulder, as he heroically prevented Yadier Molina from getting an extra base hit in the seventh inning. The Mets expect the injury to take about six weeks to heal. Naturally, though, as is generally the case with sports injuries, the expected recovery time does not generally translate to a return to full competition. Healing and rehab are a process that can’t be accelerated beyond the body’s ability to safely respond and progress.

Mets Once Again Bitten By Oblique Strains

nieseThe Mets have provided way too much material for me this season, and now, with their season spiraling totally out of control, still more injuries have taken center stage. I wrote in early April that a rash of oblique strains had dominated baseball’s preseason. Well, in the case of the Mets, here we go again.

For the record, let’s take a moment to distinguish between the obliques and the intercostals.

Breaking Down Injuries To Jose Reyes And Daniel Murphy

jose reyesA muscle strain occurs when the excessive load applied to a given muscle creates undue stress in the tissue, resulting in injury. Reyes’ proclivity to recurrent hamstring strains isn’t unique amongst athletes who have a history of suffering even one significant strain. Vulnerability to re-injury requires vigilance in conditioning, and the nature of baseball puts a sensitive hamstring at frequent risk.

Lots Of Injures Arms: Red Sox, Yankees, And Johan Santana

johan santanaJohan Santana of the NY Mets has hit a glitch in his rehab. Originally listed as likely to return to action later this month, Santana was examined yesterday and was diagnosed with shoulder fatigue by Mets orthopaedist, Dr. David Altchek, after complaining of lingering discomfort. The prescription was for a week off from his throwing program while continuing to work on general conditioning. While I wrote in March that everyone was prematurely jumping mad because Santana’s progress was less than lightening fast,he was only six months post-op at the time and shouldn’t have been expected to be spotting his change-ups and curveballs. Now, though no pathology was identified, and it still isn’t time to panic, there is certainly reason for concern.

Insight On Ike Davis

images-17Mets first baseman Ike Davis left the game on May 10th after limping off the field following a fifth inning infield collision. Somehow, though initial reports seemed clear on the fact that Davis had suffered a calf strain, a subsequent MRI revealed evidence of an ankle sprain and bone bruise in the ankle joint. It is highly unlikely that one of these injuries was mistaken for the other, and the MRI was undoubtedly ordered to assess the extent of damage – a wise precaution. However, as for the mystery? That is tough to figure.