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Michael Pineda’s Teres Major Strain

imagesThe plan was for Michael Pineda to stay on schedule by pitching simulated games in Tampa while serving a ten-day suspension for having pine tar on his neck. However, instead of missing one or two starts, he’ll reportedly be out three to four weeks with what was diagnosed on MRI as a Grade 1 strain of the teres major.

So what is the teres major muscle?

A-Rod’s & Jeter’s Quad Strains – What’s In Store

images-2With a pair of Grade 1 quad strains between them, the contributions expected of Derek Jeter and Alex Rodriguez are obviously lowered further and delayed longer.

One consideration that appears to have been left out of the equation in planning both players’ re-entry following this glitch is simply an issue of cause and effect.

Quad Strain Lands Jeter On The DL

imagesWhen a player is cleared to play only as a DH it is a sign that there is some reservation about his overall level of function. It is clearly a way to reintroduce, yet limit demand. However, “busting it” on the base path – though it doesn’t challenge lateral mobility and all the other skills playing shortstop would – is demanding. Only a home run bestows absolution.

Teixeira Update – The Good News And Bad

images-3The good news after Mark Teixeira’s MRI this morning is that there isn’t a tendon or tendon sheath tear in his right wrist. The best-case-scenario bad news is that there is inflammation.

Teixeira reportedly received a cortisone injection and, though there are evidently no plans to relegate him to the DL, it would not be a shock if that’s where he winds up.

It is important to realize that the injection will reduce Teixeira’s inflammation but will not resolve the cause. His wrist is clearly vulnerable and, even if his pain quickly resolves while at rest, picking up the bat too soon will set off a problem that could become recurrent or chronic.

Is Mark Teixeira Out Of Options?

Mark-Teixeira2f he didn’t make his living hitting baseballs, waiting to see the outcome of rehab alone would likely have been the best option for Teixeira. However, it was my feeling from the outset that, because he risked ultimately requiring surgery, getting it over with was the better choice. This would have increased the chances of recovery in time to be an impact player for the second half of this season. Yes, there are risks inherent with any surgery, but the scenario that is playing out only prolongs the process.

Young Pitchers – Old Story

michael-pineda-campThough he also had some elbow issues early in his minor league career, missing much of the 2009 season due to a reported strain, Pineda recovered fully, becoming a top minor league prospect for the Mariners. He was stellar leading up to the All Star break in his rookie campaign with Seattle and the Yankees had high hopes for him. Despite this tortuous start to his career in New York, I think that Pineda will come through. He’s young, very talented and has matured while learning a few lessons the hard way. The Yankees have not rushed Pineda’s return this time around and, if he stays healthy, is a good bet to return to the form of his rookie season.