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Andy Pettitte’s Trap Strain

images-240-year-old pitcher Andy Pettitte joined the long list of ailing Yankee veterans last night, leaving in the fifth inning of a 3-2 loss to Seattle. The diagnosis was said to be a left trapezius strain. The leftie had reportedly experienced upper back tightness for several innings, but after a massage in the clubhouse during the top of the fourth felt well enough to return to pitch the fifth. The symptoms returned immediately and his only fastball of the inning was clocked at 87 mph, below his usual modest velocity of 88-91.

So, where is the trapezius and what is its role?

Derek Jeter's "New" Ankle Fracture – May Not Be So New

Derek JeterThe news that Derek Jeter will not return to the Yankees’ lineup before the All Star Break because of a new small fracture in the region of his prior break came as a surprise to many. However, each time Jeter seemed to move forward in his rehab and baseball related activities, his progress was neutralized by then taking a few steps back. Something was getting in Jeter’s way and it was more than a “cranky ankle”, No matter the optimism of the media reports, now we know what it was.

To Play Or Not To Play? That Is The Question…

jeterJeter admitted that he probably should not have played last season after sustaining an ankle contusion in mid-September. It was only one month after the initial insult to his ankle, in the first game of the ALCS, that Jeter’s ankle fractured, requiring surgery.

Only a few days ago, Mark Texeira noted that he would not return to the lineup until his wrist was 100%. He hedged his bets saying he may require surgery if his tendon sheath does not heal sufficiently to allow his extensor carpi ulnaris tendon (ECU) to remain stable (and therefore avoid wear and tear). The two weeks initially predicted for Texeira’s return to the lineup was predictably amended almost immediately to eight-ten weeks and then now, well, who knows?

This more cautious attitude comes after Texeira admitted that he also came back too fast after last season’s injury.

Mark Teixeira: No Slam Dunk To Return In 8-10 Weeks

196px-Mark_Teixeira_basepaths_2011So, as expected, the two weeks initially projected for Mark Teixeira to rest and rehab his wrist injury has morphed into a likely eight to ten-week recovery period; That is certainly more realistic and still no slam-dunk. The strain was identified as being to Teixeira’s ECU, or extensor carpi ulnaris tendon. Brian Cashman was quoted as saying that “treatment is four weeks of no activity and then four to six weeks of getting him going, which is dry swings and eventually the tee, and then toss and then batting practice and spring training.

Two Weeks Sounds Optimistic For Teixeira’s Wrist Injury

teixeira2Mark Teixeira, who will be 33 next month, reportedly sustained a right wrist strain during batting practice before a World Baseball Classic exhibition game on Tuesday. Though it was said he would likely miss two weeks of action, Teixeira will undergo an additional workup in New York after which the precise diagnosis and course of action will be determined.

The term strain implies a stress injury to either a muscle or tendon that entails a stretch beyond the capacity of the tissue. The trauma sustained can range from mild (grade 1) to severe (grade 3).

Ulnar Fractures in Major League Baseball

grandersonWith injuries currently reported for 125 MLB players, a number of teams are already forced to rethink their opening lineups. The aging Yankees, contribute nine to the list, most in the majors. The Seattle Mariners is the only team that has not reported an injury to date. 69 of those not able to participate fully in spring training are pitchers, while another pitcher, Bartolo Colon is finishing out a 50-game suspension and will return on April 6. Some of the less acutely injured are expected to be in action by opening day, though, as is typical of recovery prognostications, optimism reigns, so don’t hold your breath.

The hot injury of the young spring training season appears to be ulnar fractures. First it was Curtis Granderson, who throws right-handed but bats left, and was hit on the right forearm on February 24th by the first pitch he faced in a spring training game.