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An In-Depth Look At Alex Rodriguez's Hip Injury

378px-A-Rod2_adjusted37 year-old Yankees’ third baseman Alex Rodriguez, who reportedly complained of pain in his previously operated upon right hip during the playoffs, is slated for surgery next month to address a tear in his left hip. This newer injury evidently came to light in post-season examinations. Articles mentioning the status of Rodriguez’ uncooperative left hip seem to have overlooked the obvious question as to whether he also continues to have pain on the right. Without an official update, we are decidedly uninformed as to exactly why it was getting in his way at the close of the season or how it is faring now.

Rodriguez’ right hip surgery (in 2009) revealed that a labral tear was accompanied by a cyst within the joint as well as significant degenerative changes to the surface of the bone. These degenerative changes are likely to be the cause of his recent complaints.

Derek Jeter’s Compensatory Injury

images-15Jeter, as anyone who follows the Yankees knows, is not the complaining type and if he can be out there contributing, hurt or not, that is where you’ll find him. Even hampered by injury he was performing at a higher level than many of his teammates this post-season. He took a calculated risk and he lost. So did the Yankees and their fans.

Joba Chamberlain’s Subtalar Joint

jobaJoba Chamberlain of the Yankees addressed the media last Tuesday to discuss the injury he sustained the week prior while playing with his son on a trampoline in a recreation center. Though Chamberlain has said he will return to the mound before the close of the 2012 season, no one is counting on it. The 26 year-old right-hander, who was already fighting his way back from Tommy John surgery, will have a different kind of summer.

The majority of reports of the injury have said that Chamberlain had an open dislocation of his subtalar joint, which is NOT synonymous with the ankle.

Lots Of Injures Arms: Red Sox, Yankees, And Johan Santana

johan santanaJohan Santana of the NY Mets has hit a glitch in his rehab. Originally listed as likely to return to action later this month, Santana was examined yesterday and was diagnosed with shoulder fatigue by Mets orthopaedist, Dr. David Altchek, after complaining of lingering discomfort. The prescription was for a week off from his throwing program while continuing to work on general conditioning. While I wrote in March that everyone was prematurely jumping mad because Santana’s progress was less than lightening fast,he was only six months post-op at the time and shouldn’t have been expected to be spotting his change-ups and curveballs. Now, though no pathology was identified, and it still isn’t time to panic, there is certainly reason for concern.

Tommy John Surgery: Worst Case Scenario For Joba Chamberlain

images-12Only one day after going on the DL with what was purported to be a muscle strain of the flexor tendons attaching at the inner elbow (medial epicondylitis), a contrast MRI revealed that Joba Chamberlain has a ligament tear that will likely require Tommy John surgery.

Examining Thoracic Outlet Syndrome

8963Hughes underwent a series of tests, most specifically to rule out Thoracic Outlet Syndrome (TOS), a condition that is not as uncommon as we’ve been led to believe, particularly amongst competitive overhead athletes – baseball & tennis players as well as swimmers especially. Thoracic Outlet Syndrome entails the compression of the neurovascular bundle (nerves and blood vessels) that lies in the area known as the thoracic outlet. The boundaries of this space are the clavicle (collar bone), the first rib, the subclavius and scalene muscles as well as the costoclavicular ligament (which connects the first rib to the clavicle).