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The ACL In The NFL

images-2There have been so many season-ending injuries in the NFL this season, and complete ACL tears seem to lead this category. By my count, there are already 10 players who are looking on from the sidelines after having ACL surgery.

When watching replays on TV or at the stadium, I’m actually amazed there aren’t even more ACL tears. Feet are planted while the body rotates, a tackle forces a knee to hyperextend, pushing it beyond the straight or locked out position, or most commonly, a players legs are grabbed in a tackle while his body keeps moving (generally with the knee bent), forcing his knee to move in a manner that is simply not possible with the ligaments intact.

The Vick And Romo Dilemma: To Play Or Not To Play

RomoI’m not of the mind that players should simply tough it out when doing so is likely to contribute to an exacerbation of their injuries. Not allowing for a proper healing response delays recovery, often causing an injury to become an even bigger issue both on and off the field. Such situations can also result in chronic conditions. Not only can this potentially impact performance, it can, and often does, impact life. Just look at the struggles of many NFL veterans.

Football being football, there is the unwritten rule to target an opposing team’s weaknesses.