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Matt Harvey’s Latest Nemesis: A Scapula Stress Injury

When the Mets’ Matt Harvey left the game last Wednesday after 58 pitches over four innings, he complained of a tired arm. An MRI and CT scan led to the diagnosis of a stress injury in his right scapula (shoulder blade). Though some media reports assumed the injury to be a “broken bone”, noted that Harvey had sustained a “stress reaction”. They are not one and the same.

Joel Hanrahan: Flexor Tendon versus UCL

images-1231 year-old closer, Joel Hanrahan, has had a rough start to his tenure with the Red Sox after being acquired from the Pirates in the off-season. Now we know why – a torn flexor tendon in his right elbow. There is always the possibility that once Dr. James Andrews is in the joint, it will be determined that the UCL is also involved.