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Yankees’ Prospect Faces Shoulder Surgery

0It was another blow for the Yankees yesterday when Luis Torrens, a minor league catcher and top prospect from the international class of 2012 was diagnosed with a season ending labral tear in his right shoulder. Torrens, who will be 19 in May, is scheduled for surgery with Dr. David Altchek on March 5th.

A little about the shoulder labrum:

Mark Sanchez: A Questionable Decision

images-1So, Mark Sanchez is evidently opting for the chance-it-and-see approach with the labral tear in his throwing shoulder. If you’d read my post on Matt Harvey – who also faces a surgery-now or possibly later decision – you’d be as skeptical as I.

Sanchez may have been on his way out even with a healthy shoulder. But regardless, that debate is moot. Injured he will miss out on much or all of this season – if he opts for rehab alone – even if he succeeds in restoring sufficient function and performance. What’s the point? If he is miraculously able to return, Sanchez would certainly be relegated to back-up status. Geno Smith will get his reps and, hopefully for the Jets, grow into his role gracefully. The first win was a welcome to the league gift from the Buccaneers.

Young Pitchers – Old Story

michael-pineda-campThough he also had some elbow issues early in his minor league career, missing much of the 2009 season due to a reported strain, Pineda recovered fully, becoming a top minor league prospect for the Mariners. He was stellar leading up to the All Star break in his rookie campaign with Seattle and the Yankees had high hopes for him. Despite this tortuous start to his career in New York, I think that Pineda will come through. He’s young, very talented and has matured while learning a few lessons the hard way. The Yankees have not rushed Pineda’s return this time around and, if he stays healthy, is a good bet to return to the form of his rookie season.

Carmelo Anthony: Shouldering On

imagesMelo hurt his shoulder on April 14 and exacerbated it in the first round against Boston. Naturally though, at the time — and with the Indiana series ahead — Anthony said only that “(I)t really just kind of popped in and out a little bit, but I’m fine.”

Anthony’s comment was more revealing than he may have intended for it to be. The implications are that he experienced either a shoulder subluxation or dislocation that reduced (went back in place) without assistance.

The Lowdown On Injured Stars Sanchez And Cutler

images-5Let’s start with Jay Cutler who, according to NFL writers, was diagnosed with a Grade II MCL sprain. Cutler sustained the injury in the NFC Championship game against Green Bay, and came under fire from many players and media types for exiting the game early in the second half.

I know football players are tough, and Cutler, who has type I diabetes, supposedly wanted to continue to play. The reaction, possibly prompted by his poor performance in the first half, seems unjustified. How can anyone, player or otherwise, presume to know exactly what another player feels, or anticipate how the injured athlete might tolerate competition.

There are nuances to each injury, as well as to pain tolerance. There are also those who play through injury and undue pain to their own disadvantage, or even that of the team, whether short or long term.