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Groin Strains Continue To Make Pitchers Groan

sabathiaSome of these pitchers suffered the injury in a manner typical of position players – either in a routine defensive play (Pryor) or on offense (Ogando) – while the majority did so due to the demands of pitching. Some of the latter injuries were to the groin on the side of the pitching arm, while others were to the opposite/glove side.

Along with other muscles of the core/hip, the adductors play a vital role in transferring power to a pitcher’s upper body. Their primary functions are to stabilize the lower extremity and pelvis when the foot is on the ground and, with the limb in motion, to draw the thigh toward midline.

Groins Strain Pitchers' No-Hit Bids

ogandoTwo pitchers left games in the midst of no-hit performances in the last week, and both did so with a groin strain. Though muscle strains are common in competitive sports, groin strains occur far less frequently in baseball than in soccer or hockey. Unfortunately, Kevin Millwood of the Mariners and Alexi Ogando of the Rangers remind us that this injury can occur at any time, to any athlete.

Understanding The Sports Hernia

batchelor01_1_9370New Jersey Devils forward Brian Rolston reportedly will be out 4-to-6 weeks after undergoing surgery on October 14th to repair a sports hernia. That is an optimistic timeframe for return to competition after this laproscopic procedure, as several studies point to an average return to high-level play within eleven weeks.

One of many causes of groin pain, the sports hernia is otherwise known as “athletic pubalgia”. It can have one or more causes, but unlike some other groin and hip problems, a sports hernia is generally not precipitated by a specific injury. The absence of the more common hernia, an inguinal hernia, is one of several factors leading to a sports hernia diagnosis.

Causes Of Hip And Groin Pain

400px-anterior_hip_muscles_2A recent blog in this space discussed the sports hernia, a problem that typically causes pain in the groin region. There are many other diagnoses that can also result in hip or groin pain. What follows is a brief discussion of these.

What are some other common causes of groin and hip pain?

A Critique Of The Obliques

intobliquesmMets shortstop Jose Reyes, a switch-hitter, is reportedly expected to return to the lineup today after missing the series against Florida in San Juan and the end of the road-trip in Washington. Reyes is said to be out with a right internal oblique strain that he first noted during batting practice last Wednesday. Fortunately for the Mets, another of their switch-hitters, outfielder Angel Pagan, was back on the field last Friday after missing only two starts due to soreness in his right side. Pagan also first noticed his pain while at bat after fouling off a pitch.

What are the Internal Obliques and why is Reyes planning to bat righty against a right-hander?