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Strasburg Update & Bursitis: What it Means for Bryce Harper

Gray350Preceding his teammate on the DL, Bryce Harper took a different route. He did try to play injured. Again. And he retrospectively regretted that decision.

So what exactly is bursitis?

Bursae are sacs filled with gelatinous like fluid that surround and sometimes open into the joint cavity in many joints of the body. They essentially serve as an interface between tendons and their bony attachments, or between skin, ligaments and bone. Bursae cut down on friction in the areas where they are positioned, allowing for greater ease in movement. In doing so they provide a mechanical advantage that heightens the effectiveness of the surrounding structures while reducing stress to the tissues and bone. Bursitis is simply inflammation of the bursa.

Young Pitchers – Old Story

michael-pineda-campThough he also had some elbow issues early in his minor league career, missing much of the 2009 season due to a reported strain, Pineda recovered fully, becoming a top minor league prospect for the Mariners. He was stellar leading up to the All Star break in his rookie campaign with Seattle and the Yankees had high hopes for him. Despite this tortuous start to his career in New York, I think that Pineda will come through. He’s young, very talented and has matured while learning a few lessons the hard way. The Yankees have not rushed Pineda’s return this time around and, if he stays healthy, is a good bet to return to the form of his rookie season.

Stephen Strasburg Underplays Soreness

Steven StrassbergThe news out of the Washington Nationals’ “Strasburg Watch” is that he won’t miss a start in spite of the slight stiffness and soreness reported in his throwing forearm after Tuesday’s game, in which he threw 93 pitches. Though by all accounts Strasburg’s elbow and arm are structurally sound, even Scott Boras, Strasburg’s agent had acknowledged the symptoms, which Manager Davey Johnson said might be due to a nerve irritation from the electrical stimulation used pre-game. Though I’ve no first hand knowledge of the situation, I highly doubt the treatment was the cause.

Derek Jeter’s Compensatory Injury

images-15Jeter, as anyone who follows the Yankees knows, is not the complaining type and if he can be out there contributing, hurt or not, that is where you’ll find him. Even hampered by injury he was performing at a higher level than many of his teammates this post-season. He took a calculated risk and he lost. So did the Yankees and their fans.

Tommy John Surgery: Worst Case Scenario For Joba Chamberlain

images-12Only one day after going on the DL with what was purported to be a muscle strain of the flexor tendons attaching at the inner elbow (medial epicondylitis), a contrast MRI revealed that Joba Chamberlain has a ligament tear that will likely require Tommy John surgery.

Strasburg’s Predictable Tear

images-322 year-old Nationals phenom Stephen Strasburg was placed on the disabled list last week for the second time in his brief major league career after suffering what was termed a “significant tear” of the ulnar (medial) collateral ligament (UCL) in his right elbow. He had exited a game early only days before, with what was reportedly flexor tendinitis in his right forearm.

Team officials have been quoted as saying that Strasburg’s newest injury likely occurred during one particular pitch. Were the two injuries related? Was the earlier injury a warning sign? For the record, it should be noted that stress to the medial (inner) compartment of the elbow – a common problem for pitchers – can impact not only the UCL, but can also create inflammatory conditions in all of the structures that occupy this region. These include…