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Helpful Information On Tennis And Golf Elbow

golfelbow21With hopeful thoughts of spring upon us as March moves in, it is an ideal time to begin a program to prevent tennis or golf elbow from putting a damper on your return to the courts and courses. These two overuse injuries re-emerge annually as the spoilers of the summer recreational sports season. Both are preventable.

What is Tennis Elbow?

Causes Of Hip And Groin Pain

400px-anterior_hip_muscles_2A recent blog in this space discussed the sports hernia, a problem that typically causes pain in the groin region. There are many other diagnoses that can also result in hip or groin pain. What follows is a brief discussion of these.

What are some other common causes of groin and hip pain?

On The Cuff

Rotator_cuffWhat is the Rotator Cuff?

Four muscles that originate on the shoulder blade (scapula) all essentially converge into a common tendon to attach at the front, top and back of the head of the humerus (the bone of the upper arm). Collectively, they constitute the rotator cuff. You may recall that tendons connect muscle to bone. Those of the rotator cuff are no different.

The muscles that contribute to this tendon are responsible for different actions.

Diagnosis: Hip Flexor Tendinitis

imagesAlex Rodriguez’s hip is acting up on him again, but this time fans can exhale because according to all reports, his current problem has nothing to do with the hip labral repair surgery he had last year. A-Rod has been listed as day-to-day with a diagnosis of hip flexor tendonitis. Let’s hope that’s all it is. Rodriguez sounded optimistic and said he “feels strong” – all great news for the New York Yankees and their fans.

So what is hip flexor tendonitis?

Breaking Down Tennis & Golf Elbow

tenniselbow1With warm weather moving in and May upon us, tennis and golf elbow will undoubtedly re-emerge as the big injuries of the summer recreational sports season. Both are common and both are preventable. Here is what you need to know…