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Carmelo Anthony: Shouldering On

imagesMelo hurt his shoulder on April 14 and exacerbated it in the first round against Boston. Naturally though, at the time — and with the Indiana series ahead — Anthony said only that “(I)t really just kind of popped in and out a little bit, but I’m fine.”

Anthony’s comment was more revealing than he may have intended for it to be. The implications are that he experienced either a shoulder subluxation or dislocation that reduced (went back in place) without assistance.

Ryan Howard’s Road Back From Achilles Repair

ryan howardTo understand the process, let’s first look at the anatomy and the injury. The Achilles tendon is a fibrous band that attaches the calf muscles (gastrocnemius and soleus) to the calcaneus (heel bone). Both of these muscles act to point the foot downward (ankle plantar flexion). The gastroc, a two-headed muscle that comprises the bulk of the calf, originates above the knee at the posterior (rear) lower end of the femur; its activity is heightened when the knee is extended (straight). The soleus, a much smaller muscle, originates on the tibia of the lower leg, and is the prime mover when the knee is flexed (bent). The calf muscles, also known collectively as the triceps surae, are powerful muscles that propel us as we push off in walking, running and jumping and they enable us to walk on tiptoes.

Can Chris Young Shoulder His Injury?

imagesChris Young, Mets RH starting pitcher, is reportedly slated to return to the mound on Tuesday for his third start of the season. Young was placed on the DL, due to biceps tendinitis, earlier in the month after winning his first two starts with an impressive 1.46 ERA. Of course, any soreness and inflammation in a pitchers throwing shoulder is cause for concern, and the oft-injured Young, who will turn 32 in May, will hopefully rebound successfully from this brief detour. Let’s talk a bit about the role of the biceps and the impact of Young’s diagnosis.

Diagnosis: Hip Flexor Tendinitis

imagesAlex Rodriguez’s hip is acting up on him again, but this time fans can exhale because according to all reports, his current problem has nothing to do with the hip labral repair surgery he had last year. A-Rod has been listed as day-to-day with a diagnosis of hip flexor tendonitis. Let’s hope that’s all it is. Rodriguez sounded optimistic and said he “feels strong” – all great news for the New York Yankees and their fans.

So what is hip flexor tendonitis?

Breaking Down Tennis & Golf Elbow

tenniselbow1With warm weather moving in and May upon us, tennis and golf elbow will undoubtedly re-emerge as the big injuries of the summer recreational sports season. Both are common and both are preventable. Here is what you need to know…