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A Closer Goes Down With an Axillary Blood Clot

Jeurys Familia, The Mets’ 27-year-old closer, was diagnosed with an arterial blood clot in his right shoulder yesterday. Though he’ll likely be out for a while, if not the duration of the season, Familia is fortunate that this was caught now. Further testing is underway to determine if surgery is indicated.

A study that examined the effects of throwing on upper extremity arterial blood flow found that

Pitcher Faces Thoracic Outlet Surgery

8963Mets starter Shaun Marcum began the 2013 season with what was diagnosed as right shoulder impingement syndrome and ended it this week with another type of impingement – that of the Thoracic Outlet.

Ed Coleman reported that Marcum is slated for surgery next week after an MRI confirmed the diagnosis. He has struggled at the mound recently and reported recurrent symptoms of tingling and numbness in his pitching hand. This, according to Mets assistant GM, John Ricco, “was affecting his ability to grip the ball.”

Thoracic Outlet is also sometimes implicated when a pitcher complains of a “dead arm”…

Injury Updates: Chris Young And Phil Hughes

Yankee right-hander Phil Hughes is reportedly ready to begin a throwing program in his quest to return to the lineup. As noted in a prior blog post, diagnostic testing did not reveal any of the likely causes of Hughes complaints of deadness in […]

Examining Thoracic Outlet Syndrome

8963Hughes underwent a series of tests, most specifically to rule out Thoracic Outlet Syndrome (TOS), a condition that is not as uncommon as we’ve been led to believe, particularly amongst competitive overhead athletes – baseball & tennis players as well as swimmers especially. Thoracic Outlet Syndrome entails the compression of the neurovascular bundle (nerves and blood vessels) that lies in the area known as the thoracic outlet. The boundaries of this space are the clavicle (collar bone), the first rib, the subclavius and scalene muscles as well as the costoclavicular ligament (which connects the first rib to the clavicle).

Details On The Disc

bart2-BBMathias Kiwanuka will be out of action for an undetermined period of time after receiving a diagnosis of a bulging cervical disc. Though he had reportedly only complained of stiffness in his neck, a precautionary MRI revealed the extent of Kiwanuka’s injury. The Giants and Kiwanuka would be smart to play this one safe, particularly due to the nature of the sport and the inherent risk involved even when there is no known injury.

Explaining the spine…