images-3The good news after Mark Teixeira’s MRI this morning is that there isn’t a tendon or tendon sheath tear in his right wrist. The best-case-scenario bad news is that there is inflammation.

Teixeira reportedly received a cortisone injection and, though there are evidently no plans to relegate him to the DL, it would not be a shock if that’s where he winds up.

It is important to realize that the injection will reduce Teixeira’s inflammation but will not resolve the cause. His wrist is clearly vulnerable and, even if his pain quickly resolves while at rest, picking up the bat too soon will set off a problem that could become recurrent or chronic.

Overuse injuries, such as the one Teixeira is now addressing, arise when the demands placed on the involved tissues exceeds their capacity to respond. This causes an inflammatory response and breakdown.  In addition to managing the inflammation, the real key to recovery is sufficiently strengthening the muscles in the area and building their endurance so that they can tolerate increased demand. Simply feeling better is not enough.

That is why it is unlikely Girardi will send Teixeira back out there next week. Clearly he played too soon when he returned end-May. Why make the same mistake now?

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